What Real Estate Agents Should Post on Facebook

Facebook Real Estate Strategies


Your Facebook strategy should be about generating conversations.  It helps to inform, entertain and engage without selling anything.  If you provide good content in your updates, people will automatically like, share and comment.  These are your opportunities to reach more people and communicate.

No more than one out of every four posts should be about promotion of your business or articles.  Everything else should be things that are interesting to your friends.  If you can occasionally tie real estate or housing into the non-promotional posts, that is like icing on the cake.  You will be providing something that adds value while reminding them of your business.


But how do you do that with a status update or a photo?


Here’s 7 Facebook Posting Strategies for Real Estate Professionals!

1.  Promote Your Posts

If you have read my other articles, you know that I believe in the power of content marketing.  However, all of your posts cannot be about you.  Make sure that you upload a featured photo for each blog post so it will show up in your Facebook updates.  One out of four posts can promote your website content as long as it is valuable to your audience. The other 75% of your posts should follow some other strategy.


2. Personal Photos

Some professionals are hesitant to post non-work related photos of themselves or their family.  However, this is what many people want to see.  They want to know and relate to the person who will help them with most important purchase of their life.  People want to do business with those that they know and trust.  This is a great way to build both.

A great way to tie Real Estate into photos is to take pictures of cool or crazy things that you see while you are working.  If you will open your eyes, there are plenty of cool photo opportunities.

Steve Jolly Family


3.  Good Humor

Laughter is the best medicine, and we all could use a dose on a daily basis.  Try to find things that your audience will relate to without being offensive.   Occasionally, you will run across a funny about homes or real estate.  Do not let these great opportunities pass.


Fast Real Estate Marketing Funny


4.  Current Events

People love to talk about what is happening now.  Current events that relate to your audience could be on a local or national stage.  Promoting these events or asking thought provoking questions is a good strategy.


5.  Promoting Awesomeness

One way to tap into other audiences is to promote others who are exceptional.  Focus on the ones that have gone above and beyond your expectations in a related industry.   Your audience will appreciate your personal review and you might pick up traffic from other sources.


6.  Inspiration

From time to time, we all need a little motivation.  Your inspiring story, quote or photograph may make someone’s day.  These are the moments that we tend to remember.  Besides, wouldn’t you rather work with someone who is inspired?


Inspiring photos


7.  Amazing Video

If a picture is worth 1000 words, than an amazing video must be worth a million.  Rich content like videos, infographics and pictures get the most engagement on Facebook.  Youtube alone has 4 billion video views each day.  Take advantage of this phenomenon by incorporating it into your social strategy.  Make a personal video for a friends birthday or special event.  Fresh personal and amazing video content will get the most engagement.



Comment Below on You Best FaceBook posting strategies for Real Estate!

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