How Frequent Writing Generates More Leads

Blog Posts = Leads

Every Real Estate Professional has heard that they need to blog to generate leads.  You may have heard that websites with blogs have 55% more visitors or that 46% of people read blogs more than once per day.  You may have even written a few articles only to be derailed at some point.

Did you stop due to the lack of comments or likes on your post?

Was it difficult to see the payoff versus the time commitment?

Writing frequently is like a snowball rolling down hill.  It takes time to grow, but once it gets moving it is impossible to stop.  Below you will find information from studies that shows how powerful writing is to your business.  If you ever feel like quitting again, go back and re-read this post for some inspiration.  Likely, you just need a little nudge to get the avalanche rolling.

Frequent Writing Improves Customer Conversion

If you write less than monthly, you are not likely generating any clients from your writing.  Seventy percent of blogs that write three times per week generate customers from the blog posts.  I recommend that you write three times per week to see a significant impact on your bottom line.  If not, you should write weekly as a bare minimum.

Frequent Writing Customer Generation


More Articles = More Leads**

When people see a lot of valuable information on your site, it becomes authoritative.  You will automatically generate natural links and higher search engine rankings.  You will also generate a significant increase in the number of leads you receive each month.  If you write once per week, it will take a year to get beyond 51 articles.  Writing three times per week will take you only four months and will have a significant impact on your search engine rankings.

This is Amazing!  Websites with 51 or more articles generate 77% more leads.

MoreArticles equals More Leads


Higher Frequency = Higher Number of Leads**

The frequency of blog posts has a direct and significant impact on the number of leads generated.  Writing weekly will generate a median of 72 monthly leads.  Those who write on a daily basis generated a median of 89 monthly leads.

Writing Frequncy Increases Leads


Why does frequent writing generate more leads?

·         Providing valuable information on a consistent basis will set you apart from other agents. Your clients will see you as an authority who can resolve their problems.  They will see how you are adding value that they do not get from your competition.

·         Frequent writing forces you to stay up to date in your industry and helps you to be a better teacher to your clients.

·         Blogging helps you engage your clients and start conversations.  You are building a community by promoting discussions on your blog posts and where it is promoted in social media.


Writing frequently is a huge commitment, but the payoff can be tenfold.   Stay tuned for an article with tips on how to write frequently!

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