8 Ways to Generate Traffic With Social Media

Fast Real Estate MarketingMost Real Estate Professionals want to generate traffic from social media, but few are successful.  Here’s 8 tips on how you can successfully build your tribe with Social Media.

1.   Vision – You must have a clear Social Media Marketing Vision in order to maximize your traffic.  Your reader’s experience must be so rewarding that they have to share it with others.  This type of experience does not happen by chance.  Vision helps you to focus on the standard of excellence, provide direction and inspire enthusiasm.

2.   Write Killer Headlines – The purpose of the headline is to get your viewers to read the article.  The headline must lure your readers to the article with a benefit or reward for taking the time to read.  80% of people will read your headline; only 20% will read the rest.

3.   Add Value – The purpose of your article is to help solve a problem, entertain or provide valuable information to your readers.  If you want your content to get shared, you must do at least one of these.  Two or three would be better.

4.   Listen and Engage – Writing great content is not enough.  You need to listen to the feedback from your readers.  Follow the discussions about your company with Twilert and Google Alerts.  Quickly respond to comments, tweets and shares.  Share epic content that your readers produce on social media channels.

5.   Calls To Action – If you want your readers to share the information, ask them to do it.   As part of the end of every post, tell your readers to share, like or comment on this article.  Employ social sharing buttons in the most obvious places:  at the bottom of your posts and floating on the side.

6.   Timing – The time that your information is promoted on social media is important.  Every industry is different.  Do research to find when is the best time for your business to post, tweet, share and pin.  The results will likely surprise you.

7.   Focus- If you are not active in social media, pick one channel and master it.  Do this before you move onto another platform.  Do not focus on more than 3 or 4 channels total.  It is better to succeed with a few than to get mediocre results from many.  Also, do not give more than 3 or 4 choices with your social media sharing buttons.  Studies show that more choices result in fewer shares.

8.  Promotion – Writing great articles is not enough.  Make sure that you are promoting your content properly on each channel.  You do not want to be perceived as a spammer; however, you also want your content to be discovered.  Share your content in groups that allow it.  Also, participate in groups immediately after you post.  People tend to look at your profile when you add something to the conversation.  Feel free to Tweet your content more than once.  However, post it on your wall or in a group only one time.  Look how others in your industry are doing it successfully and learn.


Now that you have the tools, it is time for You to Drive Traffic with Social Media.


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  • http://twitter.com/Garofalooo Danielle Garofalo

    This was a great article. Thanks for sharing!

    • http://www.NashvilleRealEstateNow.com/ Steve Jolly

      Thank you Danielle!

  • YourRealtor4Life

    Nice advice, I will apply some or all and hopefully, success will just follow me…. I am often wondering what the most interesting subjects to the buying or selling public for real estate agents would be…. any suggestions?
    EdithSellsHomes@atproperties.com Your Chicago Connection and YourRealtor4Life

    • http://www.NashvilleRealEstateNow.com/ Steve Jolly

      The most interesting subjects are different for each market. I look for ideas from a variety of places:

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