8 Free Ways to Promote Your Content and Drive Traffic

Fast Real Estate MarketingSpending hours writing an article and not having anyone read it is beyond aggravating.  It is almost enough to make you give up content marketing.


Now what?


Writing is just the beginning.  A big part of your content marketing strategy is promoting or syndicating your post.  This is one item that many aspiring writers often overlook.

Some of you are hesitant about promotion, as you do not want to be “that guy.”  You know who I mean, the one sending annoying spam that causes people to run wildly in the opposite direction.

Great information is not spam.  Headlines should grab the reader’s attention and draw them in.  Posts should be informative, entertaining and engaging.  The post should not be pushy or smell like advertising.  You want to add value to the life of your readers.  If you do not think that your post adds value, likely is does not.


Is the picture getting clearer?


Your research is in the books, you have solved a problem for your readers, editing is done, and now you have published that Epic Post!


How do I get people to read it?


Promote Your Content and Drive Traffic for Free!


1. Facebook

Facebook can be your number one source of readers, but only if it is done right.  Along with all of the other interesting things that you share on Facebook, you should also share your post on your personal page.  Groups are another great way to share your posts, but not all groups allow you to link back to your blog.  Read the rules carefully for each group so you do not alienate others or get tagged as a spammer.  If a valuable group does not allow you to link to your own post, then make sure that you participate in that group right after you share it on your page.  Your thoughtful participation in every group will help you develop new relationships, entice others to check out your personal page and see your recent posts.


2. Twitter

Twitter is another great place to engage your readers and share your valuable information.  Re-tweeting posts is a great way for others to return the favor.  Make sure that you do not over promote your posts or you will lose the interest of your followers.  Also, you only have 140 characters so make your headline count!


3. LinkedIn

Like Facebook, LinkedIn groups are a great place to share.  Once again, you need to follow the rules of your group and thoughtfully participate in addition to promoting your posts.  You can also post your articles on your LinkedIn profile with a RSS widget from your blog and by bookmarking them to LinkedIn.


4. Pinterest

Every great post needs an interesting picture or graphic.  Make sure that you create a pin board for your posts and pin the pictures.  Once pinned you need to edit the pin and add a link back to your blog post.  Make sure that you have other pin boards that are active besides the one for your posts.


5. Web 2.0 Blogs and Forums

Web 2.0 Sites and Industry Specific Forums are another great place for you to promote.  I cannot say this enough; make sure that you understand the rules of the forum.  If they allow you to link back to your posts then do it.  If they do not allow you to link back to your post, put a link to your website in your forum signature.  Besides sharing your posts, you have to thoughtfully participate in the forums to build relationships and gain readers.  Some Web 2.0 sites allow you to have your own blog.  A few of the best for Real Estate include Trulia, Bigger Pockets, HubSpot and Squidoo.  Do not post the exact blog post on one of these sites as that is duplicate content.  It is essentially competing with your own blog and is frowned upon by Google.  Instead, embed the YouTube video from your article, a rewritten article or an excerpt with a link back to your post.


6. RSS

RSS is often dubbed, Really Simple Syndication.  It is a great way to automatically share your information with others.  People can sign up at your blog to receive your article each time it is published.  Do you have more than one blog?  With RSS, you can share your posts on all of your other websites automatically simply by installing a widget .



Online Bookmarks work just like they do in real life, with some extras.  They favorite a particular story that you can share with the rest of the world.  You should bookmark all of your posts to sites such as Reddit, Delicious, Digg and Stumbleupon.  Other will find your post here and read it.  Bookmarks do not provide SEO value for your post, but they can provide a source of reliable traffic.  There are inexpensive services to help you automate your bookmarking such as Onlywire.


8. Email

Have you ever heard that email is dead?  That only applies if you are sending spam.  Email is alive and kicking for those that add value.  You should have a compelling call to action to collect email addresses with forms to build a list of readers.  A great place to put your form is above the fold and at the bottom of posts.  Email works great for those who write for their readers and publish on a regular basis.  If your writing style is news based, email is a great strategy for your promotion.  A free email service that will keep you out of spammer prison is MailChimp.


If you are going to take valuable time to write great posts, they deserve to be read.  Promoting your posts is essential to growing your business.  Now write, publish, promote and then do it all over again tomorrow.


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