5 Best WordPress Themes for Real Estate

5 Best Word Press Themes for Real Estate


WordPress is the best platform to create a powerful, Real Estate Website.  Themes can be added to WordPress to make your site easier to build.  Every theme on this list runs on a framework that has been proven to be secure, fast and easy to use.  The top three themes were designed specifically for Real Estate.


 Here’s Your 5 Best WordPress Themes


1. AgentPress

AgentPress was created by StudioPress and former real estate broker, Brian Gardner.  AgentPress is popular because it runs on the Genesis Framework.  StudioPress makes rock solid themes and has some of the best support including active forums, training and a library.  AgentPress was designed to work in conjunction with Diverse Solutions IDX and IDX Broker.  FastRealEstateMarketing and MusicCityREO currently use the AgentPress theme.


2.  RealPro

RealPro is a theme that was created by Chris Ford and sold exclusively on StudioPress.  This child theme also runs on the Genesis Framework.  Although, not made by StudioPress, the coding on this theme is top notch.  It does not have as much support or following as AgentPress, however, it is a good alternative.


3.  Estate

Estate was created by WooThemes, another highly acclaimed platform for WordPress.  Woo is well known for their quality e-commerce solutions as well as their themes and plugins.  List most premium themes, Estate includes a listings slider and an advanced listings search widget.


4.  Catalyst

Cataylst is a framework and theme in one package.  Catalyst is unique in that you can perform a lot of tricky functions without knowing any coding.  This way each Catalyst website looks completely different.  Catalyst also makes a plugin for Genesis that works with any child theme.  The plugin builds custom CSS, hook boxes and widget areas without coding.  NashvilleRealEstateNow runs on the Catalyst theme and framework.


5.  Thesis 2.0

Thesis 2.0 is a framework created by DIYThemes.  The original Thesis was known for its speed, great built-in SEO functions and being less than friendly to non-coders.  The latest version is allows you to tweak your site without knowing code, which is similar to Catalyst.  Much of the SEO functions in Thesis 2.O can be found in the Yoast SEO plugin if you decide to choose a different theme.


What is your favorite WordPress Theme?     Comment below and Share!


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  • Candis Hidalgo

    These are all solid WP themes to be sure, however would love to see more Real Estate themes becoming responsive. I’ve read that AgentPress will be responsive soon… looking forward to that update.

    • boss

      I agree, responsive is important for the millions of mobile devices in use today. The new single property theme by Studiopress is responsive. I expect Agentpress 3.0 to be responsive also.

    • Nicole Nicolay

      Hey Candis…as you wish: http://themes.agentevolution.com/

      And we have more in the works!

      • http://www.NashvilleRealEstateNow.com/ Steve Jolly

        Nik, I love your new themes, especially Turn Key. They will be included on my next update. Thank you for sharing.

        • Nicole Nicolay

          Thanks! Let me know if you want to chat!

    • http://www.NashvilleRealEstateNow.com/ Steve Jolly

      You are right Candis. Responsive is so important today and even more so tomorrow.

  • kurt12546

    I think RealPro Theme is Obsolete, it’s only working in 3.3.2 wordpress version. Our website is 3.5.1 version and I got problem with their recommended plugin not showing up as I expected.

    • Steve Jolly

      Thank you for sharing that info Kurt. Although, I only wrote this a few months ago, my top 5 would be completely different today. Have you seen the brand new themes from Agent Evolution?

  • bitkahuna

    what do you think of wpcasa?

    • Steve Jolly

      I have not used wpcasa, so I do not have any first hand experience to share. There were only a few reviews that I could find and they were mostly positive. It will be interesting to see if a community of users builds around this product,

      • bitkahuna

        one thing i like is it’s responsive. also, still investigating the whole idx integration – iframes suck i know that, and whichever plugin vendor i pick i guess the listings come through their servers so it needs to be reliable… right now leaning to dsidxpress plugin and service… which is now owned by zillow so at least it’s got some good backing. thoughts? THANKS!

        • Steve Jolly

          I have used the Diverse Solutions IDX plugin and DS SearchAgent on my site at http://www.NashvilleRealEstateNow.com for a few years. I think that you need both to get the most bang for your buck. SearchAgent runs on an iframe, but does a better job of converting. The plugin is great for SEO and lead generation.

  • http://templendo.com/ Chris Brown

    Lovely themes!

    • http://www.NashvilleRealEstateNow.com/ Steve Jolly

      Thank you Chris! Glad you enjoyed the article.

  • http://www.homeblogs.co.uk/ Homeblogs

    great.keep it up.

  • http://www.wordpressfamily.com/ Tim Tom

    Love the quality of these themes.